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Look Of The Day- This is one of the few woman I’d marry and have children with. I don’t feel I have to explain why, her beauty and talent go hand and hand, and if there is anyone who can sale this fucking perfume its the future Mrs. Blake E. Royal (AKA PROFIT) I adore her eyes and lips in any photograph or cinema, but here she reeks lust, and of-course class. Adorn me in Gucci NOW!!!
Look Of The Day- This Cover of Nas’s New Album Life Is Good, is more then a styilsh gesture, this is ART. This photo is poetry, take a look at a man who owns his truth and pain. Sitting like King should with the ghost of his ex wife’s watermelon colored wedding dressed layed accross his lap. Flamboyant but jagged at the same time. I LOVE THIS!
Look Of The Day- I love summer, it’s the perfect time to wear everything but nothing all at the same damn time. But on the flip side, I cant seem to put Fall and Winter in the back of my head as a distant season. When it comes to my style the more layers the more detailed the ensemble becomes. This young gentleman has it all figured out and some, I wonder how this would look with a crown???
Look Of The Day- Teddy Pendergrass is one of my biggest influences. I am happy to say that he not only inspires me to be the best Artist I can be, but he inspires to be sensual as well as masculine when it comes to my attire. It seems that ethnic stars past and present never get the tittle “Fashion Icon” Its funny, don’t you think? Look at this man tall and secure in all his silk and glory, I don’t know about you but I see fantastic style, which was always consistent, just Google him.
Look Of The Day- “I’m the man in a Kilt forget pants”- E Royal… Kid Cudi has this pot head rugged looked all chic-ed out. He reminds me of a corner boy, the only one with any actual job. He would probably be the dude to introduce the leased Lexus drivers to Atrium and INA. Just an all around dope kid. Marc Jacobs couldn’t rock this look if he smoked a milli blunts. 
Look Of The Day- Its all about fitness and SWAGG with a double G of-course. Its not all about trimming fat, but it is all about getting rid of the access weight we all tend to carry around. Though this act is challenging leaving one sometimes exhausted and sweaty, we should never appear too bewildered or unkempt. 
Look Of The Day- Yes I must admit this photo was crafted from that Blog you may have heard of… LateBoots LOL, but I only did it because I never laid eyes on a young lady (Sham Shirley) such as she. Executing what is only simple pieces of  fabric, but at the same time appearing so free and young (and chic.) Androgyny never looked so hip. Now Copy you copy cats.
Look Of The Day- Tits out, wind blowing. Simple shit try it.
Look Of The Day
Solange Knowles is becoming a Style Icon in the making. She has sort of been a pioneer in her (now) blooming career, when it comes to image. If we look around, more ethnic women are being bold and cutting their hair. Solange has allowed the public a look of Nubian Chicness, to add to the bore we call celebrity life. As shown in this look as she struts her stuff in Vera Wang. We can see in the background looking at Mama Tina that being fabulous is no accident.(Take notes from the older Gals and Gents in your family) 
Look Of The Day
Don C has become a vital reference when ever I have inquires about my ensemble. I admire the way he mixes sports wear with polished luxe pieces. Like this look, Don C makes it classic with the J’s, Of-course he is not with out his super popular Don C Snap back, but the look’s dope factor is the Givenchy sweat shirt. I must have one, not because Don C has one but because ITS FUCKING GIVENCHY (Be Original, Be Inspired.)
Look Of The Day
Solange Knowles, defiantly knows how to dress for herself. She has a fabulous sense of style and is always the only young starlet who looks as if she dressed her self. Whether its an Afro and Rodarte pumps,or a head rap sitting front row at Tom Fords fashion show the girl just cant help but to shine. Here she looks grand and clinically chic in her white trench. Her best accessory, her smile and she wears it well. 
Look Of The Day
Drake isn’t really known for his style of fashion, though he never looks bad. (My opinion of-course.) I admire his style of dress, Black Tees and saggy jeans. His stature seems to mesh well with the boy around the way look. This look is for sure different from Drakes norm, but I felt it was important to show him as he sounds Artistically. Which I feel is strong and edgy but with a gentlemen sensibility. Its Hip-Hop with out a doubt but like this photo its Rich and vulnerable. If Jay and Mr.West have taught us anything it would defiantly be CLASS. (You and Your Clothes should Grow together.)
Look Of The Day 
This look is from one of my favorite Givenchy shows. I would imagine that designer Riccardo Tisci’s was inspired by some sort of warrior prince, lost in a city far away from his kingdom. I get a sense of wealth and poverty when I study this ensemble. Socks with sandals everything covered in gold studs. The studs adorn the look like armor. What ever his inspiration was, it worked. Not many can design looks for men that can become a phenomenon like Tisci. Im still saving coins to buy those sandals despite the season. (Wear everything they say isn’t cool)
Look Of The Day 
Johnny Depp is one of our times Greatest Actors. Though he may not get as much props from me on his personal style, his natural beauty never fails him. In what ever role he plays Mr. Depp turns it out. I haven’t seen “The Rum Dairy” as of yet, but I am sure its an immaculate film. This look despite its plane John feel, has a very attractive appeal. Mr.Depp turns it up with his SWAG Of-course, and lets not disregard the amazing frames he’s wearing. Thank You Collen Atwood, from what I can see you did an Amazing job with costume design. @Sequine S. Lee take notes :) (Don’t be afraid of playing it down as long as you have at least one piece to bring the ensemble power.)
Look Of The Day
Gold makes us all look amazing, thats truly what I belive. I am not sure who this wonderfully dressed women is but Im in awe of her. Styled to perfection, with script in hand, this is an actress I’d love to work with. Because the photo is so msyteriously inspiring. I feel I should create a silent film and consult wit @Sequine S. Lee on wardrobe. Im seeing an all red head cast with pale skin. All in bright orange and gold hues useing they’re bodies to communicate power and sex. Showing how Fashion/Style can illuminate any message with its mere satorial quility. (Never be afraid of color.)